Treat your online business like you just invested $450 000 in your new Restaurant!

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  • Good morning Joel,
    Thank you for the blog post. I really don’t think people can hear this enough. It seems no matter how many times I tell people you have to work it doesn’t come easy they still expect it. So, it really great to have help pounding this into their heads ūüôā¬†

    Thank you for all that you and the team does for us. 
    Susan Boston

  • Right on target, Joel …. IT IS A REAL BUSINESS! You need to treat it like that!

  • Thanks for sharing this information Joel. You’re so correct with what you’re saying. If you can just invest a year and stay focused you will produce results but you need to be consistent.

  • I’ve owned a 412 seat restaurant and to work as hard at this as I did that would almost not be possible the difference with this is I have focus problems since I don’t have the vision for this that I did in the restaurant Biz.¬† The great thing about this you are not at the mercy of road traffic etc. you can reach customers so many different ways


  • Thanks so much Joel¬† for this valuable information , the key of success is to understand the real value of this business

  • Thanks Joel …… You Know I have been told you want same thing that you have or Mark Call has or Mack or many others that has a Business or be in the LifeStyle that you ¬†Mark Call, Mack, Terry and many others Hang Around see the things they do and Learn the things they do in Business and ¬†you will be Seccessful It all takes Time to be Seccessful As you are Joel, Mark Cal,l And Mack, Terry Thank you so much for giving me this Chance to Learn what all of you are doing At being Seccessful at Business I want what You have Joel, Mark,Terry, Mack, I do Know I need your Help to be Where You are Joel, Mark,Terry,Mack Just want you Know Thank you ¬†want you to Know I will not Give up I’m new to this but I know I Learn All that you do Joel,Mark,Terry Mack

  • Just Do This

  • Thank You for helping us. I really appreciate you. God bless you and your family..

  • Joel so many people jump from company to company because they think it’s a quick fix to get money so fast and get rich overnight.In order to be successful offline or online ,the education is the most significant thing to do for your business.Value is the key and you must create value in yourself and success¬† should be valuable to market.Thanks Joel for the great information.Time and determination is a key point also in business.

  • Thanks Joel – like i said on Twitter – When you find something that works do it again every day – and stay the course.
    Will McAllister

  • Great-Video Joe! Sometimes we get frustrated and need reminders of the possibilities if we remain focused by understanding that our efforts are compounding role by role… of that bolder up the hill and as you say once we reach the “TOP” your level of success is unlimited. Thank You Once Again I needed This Reminder.. Robert Gafeney

  • hi joel thank you very much.
    i know you are nice person and want to help people  but when i start and get  stuck and dont get help theni become lazy.
     pls help me thanks

    • PremlalDewli Sorry, I can not help you become “un lazy” I have not been lazy from the day I started online, that comes from inside you only

    • PremlalDewli¬†@
      My cure to remain focused and on path to success is constantly updating my peers, even when perhaps none are reading. It even helps me to simply drop comments on my hero’s blog (Joel’s) and let him know how I feel I am doing. Of course the little successes I am having should be celebrated. I rejoiced when I got my first lead. I am now up in the high teens and rapidly approaching 20’s. I just got started advertising with solo’s days ago! I am totally new to this. This is easy, I CAN DO THIS. I feel like the internet is a grand roman arena, and as a gladiator I want to put on an epic show for glory and all those laurels. With Joel as my Doctore I do not fear the challenges nor challengers ahead but am excited to charge forward with conviction and finally put training to proper test. I seek a laurel wreath not for myself but to crown the great house of Pure Leverage!

  • THank you very much you are a nice personne

  • Excellent… it is really unexpensive to start – and promote – any online business. I’m promoting PL every day, and at the same time, taking advantage of the tools included in it. Thanks to ¬†you and your team.

    • InternetGlobalTeam Love what you just said, so many are trying to make money only and not seeing the value in the tools and there is a TON

  • Thank you Joel! I really needed to hear this!

  • Awesome video, this is really¬†exactly what people need to understand – Treat Pure leverage as BUSINESS not like some magical place where success will come w/o any work..just somehow¬†magically. – IT WON’T BE LIKE THAT FOLKS.
    If you will start playing hockey for first time – are you expecting to be a successful player and be same as others who are playing for years? NO, you must work for it ,you must invest your time and energy and that will lead your for success!

  • thanks joh I think its a good business but ive got to work it out¬† how much does it cost per month and whot are we getting for are money

  • Thanks I Believe In The Powers Of Pure Leverage With All My Heart.¬†
    That’s Why I Put So Much Of My Time Into It . I Work Day ¬†& Nights¬†

  • This was what I needed to remind myself of! Thanks Joel for taking time out to give us noobs a reality check!

  • I still watching the videos, but my responder doesn’t work, I don’t know how to promote all the message that I have to send it to e-mail.

  • THANKS again for your generosity

  • Great advice, thanks Joel

  • You’re a good guy and a great leader, Joel. Thanks a million for your input on this topic. I tell people that have a college degree and a decent job that if they had not gone to school they would probably not have the job they have now.
    So when they complain that they’ve been trying to make money online with no results for a month, I tell them to invest in yourself and learn as much as you can. Just like you did in school.
    Only now, you’re studying online marketing and after a year you will have an ample amount of knowledge to be successful without the student loan debt and you will have positioned yourself to make many times the amount of money you’re making at your current JOB.
    Best wishes to all.
    Gabe Natera

  • Great video and message Joel. Thank you for this important reminder

  • Marketing Pure Leverage is not so different to marketing the $450,000 restaurant that Joel uses in this analogy either.
    If you bought a restaurant and never unlocked the door to invite people inside to discover how great your restaurant is, then your business would never get off the ground and what you’d actually own is a building not a business.
    Pure Leverage is exactly the same. If you never invite anyone to see whats behind the opt in page then what you own is a tool kit not a business.
    It’s YOU as an individual that turns a building into a¬†successful¬†restaurant or the PL tools into a business and as Joel reminded us all here, no matter what the business it takes time and effort.
    It took me a couple of years to make a serious income online but it took me 5 years to become an overnight success!
    Thanks again Joel for all you do for the entire GVO family

  • lisa,hayman
    thanks joe

  • Thanks Joel, Great Advice Like Always!

  • Thank you for the great advice Joel have a great day

  • Joel,
    Another Awesome Job! This video has me excited about the platform that is Pure Leverage.
    The email with video in it sure looks familiar! But what has me fired up is how it links right into your AUTHORITY BLOG! Wow, I know I am a geek, but I love technology!¬† Joel, please come to Russel’s Event in Boise in June so I can meet you! Your my new hero and I need a picture with you and the Ferrari!

    Michael Blake
    the Multimedia
    Marketing Wizard

  • Thanks you. Please setup for me. Because I don’t know how to setup my website.

  • Hey Joel,
    (Lesly here) LOVE watching your updates!!!! Thank you ūüôā¬† They keep me inspired!

  • Always good stuff Joel.. Keep them coming my man and appreciate you!

  • Thank you. I am an opportunity jumper, but I did hear Carl on a recording yesterday.¬† I didn’t hear the ‘rolling stone’ example, but I appreciate your retelling it.¬† Yes, I am confused, not real techie, at a loss in the new vocabulary (on line speak), and have a back up but it takes time often and I get interrupted when I am trying to start up with this.¬† I may be busy for a day or two, and then have two or three days free. It is a problem, even on free days that I get interrupted and lose my train of thought.¬† I am going to try to take notes while I work to help me remember what I have done and want to do next.¬† I have a slight memory problem recently, ‘aging’, and my concentration is not what it used to be. I come to the party late, but I want to make this work for me and mine.¬† I am going to concentrate only on GVO and see where I am by end of summer. Again, thank you for your patience and encouragement, but mostly for telling me and all of us the bottom line truth.
    Lexie Shaw

  • Joel
    Thanks so much,but permit me to say that I am now on a cross road,as you and I know, so what next? Once again thank you for creating LIVEFYRE.TLD

  • thank you paul.


  • Thank you Joel, it made ‚Äč‚Äčme understand more about Pure Leverage.

  • Great Reality Check Joel!

  • Thank you again for the advice Joel, definitely worth watching.
    I am a beginner who started just last week and also new to the online marketing system.
    I am learning new things every day and absorbing all the training services provided. Although I am consistently taking action, I am still trying to get my head around all 3 networks to understand the system and how it works as a whole.
    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever vision myself doing something like this but I guess it is the beauty of all! My commitment is what motivates the mind to believe that great things are on its way.
    Thank you once again for reminding me that I am on the right path!

  • You are absolutly correct Joel.¬† I am so happy to be here.¬† Thank you.

  • Thank you for the advice Joel . I ‘m so happy to be here

  • You are right Joel, I am learning the system and now I feel more confident with the tools. I listened to what you said about a back up plan, and I have one. I am committed to working smart the necessary time devoted to pure leverage. Thanks for your support.

  • Joel
    I missed a step and can not sign up for my campaign

    • westgal51 ??

      • JoelTherien¬†westgal51¬† I used my twitter account to speak to you. I signed up with Kenya Taylor and I am having trouble signing up and getting my business started.

        • westgal51¬†JoelTherien I don’t use twitter at all. Just make sure you join the academy training calls in the members area and watch the replays

  • One of the most important yet least dealt with issues for home based
    businesses as far as I’m concerned.¬† Right on target Joel!¬† More
    please.  Thanks

  • I don’t think I know someone as honest as you Joel.¬† I follow a lot of people, but you always speak the truth and explain everything simple and understandable. Thanks man.

  • Thank you!¬† I felt very distracted and I did not know where to start or even begin.¬† You sent me this video and not only did you hit the nail on the head but, I was needing a link to get in to get started.¬† It is going to be a good day!¬† Thanks for never giving up on us Joel.
    Holly Montgomery

  • Thank you very for all . I’m so happy to be here

  • Great video Joel, with important information that we all need to understand

  • Joel, I know you’re going through a huge growth and learning “curve” right now, so I thought I would pass along some “good news” to you. It’s in regard to your support staffer Tushar Shinde. I don’t want this person to go unnoticed! Wow! What service! I had an issue transferring one of my sites and this person (Mr. or Mrs? I am not sure?) fixed the issue in about 20 secs. Tushar Shinde is a absolute STUD! Thank you for having such expertise on your support staff.¬†

  • Thank you Joel for another great video of good high quality education.¬†
    This is something that every person needs to fully understand as an entrepreneur. 
    I made a lot of mistakes in my past. No big deal you learn from them and put them into action!!
    One of the mistakes that I made was jumping from one thing to the next. Your setting yourself up for failure by doing that!! You need to find your passion. What excites you, what drives you out of bed every morning to succeed. Then you need to find what ever it is, and go after it and take action on it right away.

    • JeffMiller2 Jeff well, very well said and so very true, I work my BUTT off every day, like you, but it does not feel like work when you love it. Case in point I just rolled out of bed in a hotel in Vienna Austria and love every second of this

  • Once again Joel the truth hurts sometimes when you are an over achiever. ¬†I have been with you for activily¬†
    8 months and still no buyers even with solo ads. Talk about disappointments I should know. You hear about these people that start and within 2 weeks boom they are kicking down the money. Man I really put in the hours and a lot of money and still not 1 red penny. I don’t regret starting this venture and I will be successful some day. Being dumb in this to begin with and now on one website people comment that I should write an ebook. So ironic but I will take whatever is given to me and keep my head in the game. Thanks Joel for having the compassion for your people that makes you above all the others. I will cherish the time I will get to walk across a stage and glow with pride.

    • Are you coming to Vegas? I would love to meet you. Nice Attitude!
      I recently got to meet Joel, Mark Call and Russel Brunson in Boise
      Idaho. I was so excited to get my picture taken with them. Unfortunately
      at the end of the event I was so
      excited I lost my sweet Sony Bloggie video cam, with the pictures and
      videos of the weekend on it. I was so bummed I even turned back an hour
      around to try and save it. I never did get it back, even though I
      quickly was able to get an inexpensive Bloggie replacement on eBay,
      loosing those pics really bugged me the most. That is until I realized
      now I have a great excuse to go to Vegas and replace those pics. I
      would be honored to take one with you too.
      Lucky for me, my girl
      friend Jessica did not forget her camera and I have a few pictures of me
      and Russel and a few of her with Joel and Mark. I just got them in an
      email from her and I plan to post them on my FaceBook fanpage by

      Please come and give me a Like. I always try to remember to
      Like Back!

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