Set up your Payoneer account so we can pay you your well deserved commissions :-)

Hey everyone.

If you are a member of GVO only use this link to get your Payoneer card or to get direct deposit.

If you are a member of only use this link to get your Payoneer card or to get direct deposit

Use any of the links above to log into your account and get your account set up if you are a member of both and GVO.


You need only 1 Payoneer account to get PAID your commissions in both programs.

If you have any questions on getting your Payoneer account set up please post them below on the blog. Because this blog is very specific, any other posts NOT related to setting up your account will be deleted.

I look forward to paying you all :-) as you are doing an awesome job!!

--Joel Therien
Founder and CEO

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  • what if we have a seperate gvo and pureleverage account. do we need 2 seperate cards, or can it be combined?

  • I’m getting direct deposit.  I’m in GVO and 7MW.  Do I need to update my account information in both businesses?

    • melman625 I guess not if you are already getting it? Hva eyou received a first payment yet?

      • JoelTherien melman625 Yes, but it’s been awhile.  My 7MW payments have all come through GVO.  I recently dropped Payza in favor of being paid via check.   I’ve been focusing on 7MW more than GVO so I’m a bit confused about how to update my new choice of payment in both at this time.  BTW what would happen if someone were to be declined?

        • melman625 JoelTherien Like I mentioned you can use the card for 7mw GVO or PL you will need one card only

  • This is GOOD NEWS! At one time when reading the email update, I thought you were switching to checks….. 🙁 Oh no…… but I was wrong and very happy that you’re sticking with Payoneer which is indeed has a GREAT and AWESOME service. Cheers!

  • thank’s joel love it

  • Does that means payza will be removed, permanently? I am from outside of the US and if payza is removed, payoneer is the only option although it’s more expensive in terms of the fees imposed by payoneer.

    • tiewkb correct payza sucks and gives us problems and headaches everytime, when we put in a support ticket it takes them as much as 2 weeks to reply. Try the direct deposit option rather than the card, see what the fees are

    • tiewkb Payza indeed sucks! They charge $25 per withdrawal. Payoneer only charges around $8.5 ($3.5 for withdrawal fee outside US and $5 for international atm fee) I applied for a payza debit card then when I tried to withdraw the option is not available LOL. Problem continues…

      • coachsonny tiewkb yeah, I just got paid into my Payza, and now Payza says they have technical difficulties and can’t load the money to my prepaid card grrrr and paying $25 for a withdrawal of under $200 is rather steep

  • Joel,
    I wanted to take a monet to tell you thank you for all you do, and that I apperciate it. I love this business because even a deaf guy like me can learn while I earn. How cool is that?

    • DavidGiudice eek I guess I shld not do videos then 🙂 great attitude you have!!!

      • JoelTherien DavidGiudice Disability doesnt mean inability. I’m learning from you slowly but surely 🙂

  • Joel, I didn’t see the option for direct deposit to bank in either GVO or PureLeverage.  Right now I have check marked for both.

    • bikestream Its on the payoneer page after you do the click here to get your payoneer card look at 30 seconds into the video above

    • bikestream you have to choose the GVO option then save and update your profile. Once you do that you will see the Please Click Here To Set Up Your Prepaid GVO Mastercard Account link next to the image of the GVO Mastercard.

  • Okay Joel, I just got my Payoneer account set up and here’s the Email response from them to me:
    “You can now receive payments from GVO.
    Thank you for registering your account information.
    Whenever GVO sends a payment to you, you will be notified by email.”

  • Does it take time for payoneer to make a account? I got a email that I can receive payments but when I try to log into my account on payoneer it says wrong details and when I try to get a password it does the same

  • Hey Joel, 
    I’m having big problems with the GVO card.  I provided my social security info and for some reason they can’t verify my account?!  Thats like the most personal of all my information. Anyways…Are you looking for another company at the moment?  Because,  I think you should have more than one method of payment.

    What about paypal?

    • MattV paypal HATES MLM with a passion so not an option. If you can provide me your username then I will have Ilona find out, did you put in a ticket with payoneer or call them?

      • JoelTherien MattV  Finding my username can be difficult because I abandoned the thought of even using the card after they couldn’t verify who I was.  If I were to guess it would be cavedweller or cavedweller88 .. but like I said it is a a guess.  I have not yet called them because I just got your email a few hours ago.  I will call them as soon as I wake up tomorrow.  Thanks for the help.

  • Joel 
    there is no  image for click here to get payoneer card on my profile page

    • djemerald I am having the same problem too. There’s no ‘click here’ link beside the image of the payoneer card.

      • imja101 djemerald choose the payoneer option first then hit submit and then it will show up

  • The signup process for Direct Deposit is not working. It tells me some fields are not filled out correctly. This is not true. I did it four times and everything is correct but it still won’t work.

  • Dr Michael you can do a live chat- I was just chatting and they don’t see that I ordered a card or that i did direct deposit s i ‘m going to do it again.

  • Okay I did it again for direct deposit-through GVO link -this time it went through. You will get a confirmation email telling you that you can receive payments from GVO.

  • If you belong to both Pure Leverage and GVO, could you please add a link to where we should sign up? Should we sign up under our Profile account in both accounts?

  • We are trying hard NOT to use credit cards at all (and have been advised by our accountant) to not get new credit cards (at least for now).  Is there any way to sign up for the Direct Deposit ONLY without getting the prepaid Master Card? (If not, is there an e-mail or chat method where I could discuss my personal situation with someone who can help?) I live in the United States.
    One more question: Can you register more than one bank account, and (if necessary) change the bank where you want the Direct Deposit to go?
    This new service sounds like a Win-Win for both GVO and affiliates.

  • Looks like a great option.. and the card is a credit card and debit card?..both?

  • FYI … I spoke directly with Payoneer for clarification on something I already knew…
    When you choose the “Direct Deposit” option, you will not even NEED a username and password to login to Payoneer because you chose NOT to have the debit card option.
    Therefore, anyone who chose “Direct Deposit.” will NOT need to have an “online account” with Payoneer.
    However, Payoneer will email you the notifications when commissions have been direct deposited into your bank account.
    I hope that helps … and Joel, thanks for all you do.
    ~Kevin Sousa

  • Hey Joel…..  What am I missing here.  I do not have the link in my profile info to go to Payoneer..  See here:
    Sounds like a GREAT option now.

    • joelpeterson Hi Joel first choose the card, then hit update on the bottom then it should show up

    • joelpeterson Fill out your address details first below the card and hit UPDATE at the bottom. Once page refreshes, the link will show up beside the card where you can sign up. Hope this helps. Cheers!

  • JodyField yes it is low like $3.95

  • I see no direct deposit option when I log into my Payoneer account.  Am I doing something wrong?

    • JoeKabasta it is only on the signup process pls if you like contact payoneer they can tell you how to switch over

  • If the fee is like 3.95 each transfer, wouldn’t it be cheaper to get the card? since it’s 1 dollar to load? if the card is cheaper is there anyway to change from direct deposit to the prepaid card?

  • how do i setup if i have the gvo card already?  i would like to switch to the direct deposit instead of using the gvo card.

  • Joel,
     Oh Shoot!!! check is no longer. I could show real check to my friends for GVO before they could join team with me in the soon.They might think GVO Mastercard is scam lol!!! I do not like payza and alertpay. However. I agreed with other members payza and alertpay sucks!! Because there is a huge problem. 
      GVO Mastercard and Direct Deposit sign up was successfu and confirmationl. Wait and See they will let me know by email.
    Recommendation Legitimate Check should be forward only U.S. Citizen not for foreign.But I do not think so Check is fraud.
     Ps. I saw someone put comments Deaf, I am also Deaf.

  • Thank M.Joel Therien appreciate

  • Hi Joel,  I’m not a big fan of prepaid cards.  I was wondering about Mike Filesaime’s PayPeopleOnline service as another option for paying GVO commissions?  I realize that PayPal is used within this system and not the payment method of choice for GVO.  Just curious. 
    I do appreciate what you are doing. and Thanks!

    • melman625 Mikes service is a W9 submission form only it does not actually pay people, if you do not want the card pls get the direct deposit option

  • I am also not a fan of prepaid cards / any way i have had an account set up at wells fargo since January and it can be direct deposited all you will need are the routing numbers and the account number unless there is an account set up at this place for me

  • philippines

  • I finally was able to sign up for Payoneer and get my Direct Deposit set up. Joel, I don’t know whether I signed up from GVO or Pure Leverage. Will I be able to use the same account for both?
    One suggestion for others: When you update your profile, check the GVO Master Card, and save your changes. Then, a window will open and allow you to enroll in Direct Deposit or the Prepaid Card.

  • Hi Joel.
    I am in Canada. I just spoke with  Payoneer.They charge $15.50 per wire transfer if sent in US funds or $2.99 if converted to CDN funds. However the CIBC bank in Canada charges $10 per transfer plus any other pay-through correspondent banks that are involved.
    So the cheapest for me to receive direct deposit is $12.99 per week ($51.96 month or $623.52 annually).
    Not a bargain for us Canadians eh?
    Could it not be e-mail transferred like Paypal does?

    • DavidSmith9 no we cant, so the best option is to in your members area under your profile is to choose not to be paid on your next commission run and let it build up until it is worth it a bit. Paypal HATES mlm

  • thank you joel i have my payoneer card

  • I clicked on the GVO pre-paid debit card option and nothing came up to click on to go to and open a payoneer account.  How do I get to them to do this?  Also, I have signed up for Payza and eWallet as instructed by you guys.  What should I do with those accounts?

    • choirmom81 Fill out your address first and hit update at the bottom of the page.
      Once it refreshes you can see a link where you can sign up for a
      payoneer card. Hope this helps.

  • hey joel,I went to my Pure Leverage account and was able sign up for a payoneer account,so I am feeling a little bit better about this venture.

    • Margaret A Walton Fill out your address first and hit update at the bottom of the page. Once it refreshes you can see a link where you can sign up for a payoneer card. Hope this helps.

  • I already have a payoneer card.

  • hello I would like to set up my direct deposit. I received the email to set up payoneer. I’m unclear as to what you are referring to when you ask: Website you will be hosting with us http://: ?

  • my GVO and Pure Leverage account does not have a link located in my profile to set up an account. Please advise? 🙂 I can click the check box to choose prepaid mastercard but the red lettering with the click here to set up mastercard is not available.  Thanks

    • Bill Carrier Click UPDATE first at the bottom of the page, or fill out your address the hit update at the bottom. Once it refreshes, you will see the clickable link right beside the GVO Payoneer image. Hope this helps.

  • I am staying in  small town .Recently i have joined in pureleverage .my Bank account branch doesn’t have SWIFT CODE..what should i do plz help

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