Welcome to the Corporate Headquarters of GVO, Pureleverage.com & Gotbackup.com!

Hey Team,

I hope that you really enjoy the video today. I have had alot of requests from our resellers that we do a nice tour of our office as it really legitimizes us as a real company!

Here is what has directly built our company.

1. We are a home based business opportunity that focuses on acquiring customers. The more customers we have, the more stable the income for our distributors & resellers!

2. We have developed everything in house, NO THIRD PARTY company does support or programming for us. This allows us to offer our products at 1/10th the cost of the competition and still be able to pay out 100% residual commissions on our products!

3. We put ourselves out there and make ourselves accountable! Like the video on this blog, we have nothing to hide, as we are 100% legitimate and above board.

One of the most valuable lessons my dad taught me was this.. he said..

“Son if you can not do business with someone and look them in the eye, then you don’t deserve to be in business. When you sell someone your product or service, think of the future, not of the now!”

Basically, what my dad taught me was, if you can’t run an honest business, then don’t be in business!

Every day I strive to make our products more valuable to our end user, it’s all about one thing.. the customer!

After all, the customer is not just one thing.. it’s the ONLY thing that matters!

–Joel Therien
Founder and CEO
GVO | Pureleverage.com

P.S. Please post your comments here on the blog as your feedback and opinions means the world to us! Nothing ever falls on deaf ears!

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